Gedreven mensen met aanstekelijk enthousiasme krijgen anderen mee. Als de samenleving toch eens zou drijven op zulke initiatiefnemers? Hoe zou dan de overheid haar beleid kunnen inrichten? Op 29 november organiseerde de Academie voor Overheidscommunicatie een studiedag voor rijksambtenaren met bovenstaande titel. Ik mocht hieraan een bijdrage leveren, in de vorm van een workshop en

National Government

Network processes are veritable voyages of discovery, but why are they monitored and evaluated like chocolate factories? There is nothing wrong with such factories (we all love chocolate after all) but manufacturing operations are fundamentally different to network processes. On October 24th, I had the honour to be one of four speakers in a webinarchocolate factories

How to change systems through research? This seemed to be the leading question of the tenth European IFSA Symposium in Denmark, early July. Can researchers do more than observe and write articles? The International Farming Systems Association meets every second year. It is a community of researchers working with a systems approach. To understand how


Provincial governments in the Netherlands seek a role of active involvement, rather than that of a mere funding agency. To this end, the Province of South Holland have assembled a team of experts to assist in developing a network approach. As part of this team, I bring the tools of the FAN approach.