Finally my new website is online. It has been quite an investment in time, but now all the materials of the FAN approach are accessible on the internet. The next step is to make it a medium for discussion and further research.

It was about time. My old website had not been updated for a long time, and most of the material was not available in English. One year ago I contracted Mathijs Stegink to make a new design, with something lively. He created the animation you see in the homepage header. It is a visualisation of a network, using the theory of the Circle of Coherence, and was a mathematical brain teaser to make.

Having a web design is one thing, but filling it is another. I was actually surprised to find that there was already a lot of content. This spring I got the assistance of Jessica Kelly, a native speaker from Ireland, to edit my English texts. With a background in media, she seemed to grasp the contents quickly and was able to reduce the length of my texts without compromising their meaning. Working together is stimulating.

You are reading the results so far. A website is never finished. I began with the English version, but the Dutch one will follow soon. I welcome ideas for improvement and questions on the content. And if you like it, share it with others.

I hope it will contribute to debate. The tools come to life, not by being read, but by being used whilst reflecting on daily practice. It works best when done together with peers, as it is hard to observe oneself while acting intuitively. I’m looking for ways to use internet for doing so. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Emails to: eelke.wielinga[at]