FAN Methods: For Facilitation, Collective Reflection and Evaluation

Network processes are discovery journeys. Outcomes cannot be known beforehand. Monitoring and evaluation should follow the process, allow for reflection and make practitioners accountable for their efforts.

The Timeline: a method for joint reflection.
Pivotal moments in a network’s history are put together by those involved. Moments with a positive or negative impacts are identified, as well as breakthroughs. People can step back from the contents and reflect on the process they are going through together. This usually leads to an agenda of themes to discuss further.
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The Learning History: a method for analysis and reporting
This is a Timeline to which an analysis has been added. It is converted into a narrative story, made up of the “scenes” identified in the Timeline. What actions made a difference? The FAN models may be used to frame and name them. The result is a record of the journey so far, including ambitions, setbacks, how difficulties were overcome, discoveries and results.
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