FAN Models: Highlighting Different Aspects of Network Processes

Good networkers often act instinctively. Your intuition is in fact the best tool you have. The FAN models help to hone your sensitivity and expand your repertoire for action by demystifying the dynamics at play in network processes.

Each model highlights a different aspect of network processes:




The Spiral of Initiatives:

Every new initiative goes through different stages before becoming an embedded practice. Each stage entails different types of activities, actors to connect with, and potential pitfalls.
Download PDFs: Spiral of Initiatives (Description) / Spiral of Initiatives (Model) / La spirale des initiatives


models-network analysis



The Network Analysis:

Various actors are involved in an initiative. Sometimes links may be missing or weak. The Network Analysis maps out the necessary connections, identifying priorities for strengthening relationships.
Download PDFs: Network Analysis (Description) / Network Analysis (Model) / L'analyse du réseau





The Triangle of Change:

People take on different positions in a process of change. The Triangle of Change identifies the three main ones, and offers options on how to deal with them strategically.
Download PDFs: Triangle of Change (Description) / Triangle of Change (Model) /  Le triangle du changement


models triangle



The Triangle of Co-Creation:

People relate to the initiative in different ways and take on different positions in the network. Some of these positions are necessary for co-creation and complement each other, whilst others do not contribute. Understanding their motives helps to mobilise people.
Download PDFs: Triangle of Co-Creation (Description)Triangle of Co-Creation (Model) / Le triangle de la co-creation

models cohorence



The Circle of Coherence:

Interaction patterns either generate or drain energy from the network. The Circle of Coherence identifies constructive and destructive patterns, as well as corresponding interventions.
Download PDFs: Circle of Coherence (Description) / Circle of Coherence (Model) / Le cercle de cohérence