2007: Networks with Free Actors: Encouraging Sustainable Innovations in Animal Husbandry by Using the FAN Approach (Free Actors in Networks)

Wielinga, H.E., Zaalmink, B.W., Bergevoet, R.H.M., Geerling-Eiff, F.A., Holster, H., Hoogerwerf, L., Vrolijk, M. Wageningen University and Research.
Book. English language (123 p). Available in PDF

This booklet is the English translation of two reports in Dutch language: Netwerken met vrije actoren (Networks with Free Actors) and Netwerkgereedschap voor vrije actoren (Network Tools for Free Actors).

It reports on a large scale experiment in animal husbandry, whereby Dutch farmers were invited to present ideas for sustainable innovation as networks. It w

as funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and ran for three-and-a-half-years from 2004. In total some 120 networks were assisted in this period.

Upon entry to the programme, the networks were appointed a researcher from Wageningen University to act as facilitator. They organised peer-to-peer consultations, and discovered that different tools were needed than those commonly used in project management.

The first part of the publication describes the experiment; the set-up, assumptions, methodology and outcomes. The second part includes the tools that were used and developed. The term "FAN Approach" was coined here (Free Actors in Networks), and there is a sample learning history, made in one of the networks. There is also a fairy tale; "The Beaver Dam".