2007: Vihttp://www.toolsfornetworkers.nl/wp/wp-admin/post.php?post=1210&action=edit&message=1tal Space in the Classroom (Vitale Ruimte In De Klas)

In: “Teacher, Who Are You?“ (“Leraar, wie ben je?”) Stevens, L. (Red)(2007):  Garant. Antwerpen/Apeldoorn. pp 41-53.
Book chapter, Dutch language.

This book offers different views on the basic duties of schoolteachers, with most of the contributions coming from authorities in education research.

My chapter explores the value of vital space as a concept in the classroom. Providing information is just one part of the teacher's job. It is far more important is to create an environment in which pupils feel curious and playful. The Circle of Coherence offers some indications on what teachers could concretely do to achieve this.